Hey there. Just a quick heads up on something that irritated me to a huge level. I was searching online to see how much will it eventually take to Refresh a Windows laptop (estimation times not accurate ones) and could find answers like about 40 minutes up to 2 hours. Well I've been resetting a Windows 10 laptop with an i7 processor and 8GB RAM but with HDD unfortunately for a little less than 2 hours and when it reached 100%, restart and then a fresh count up to 100% for many more minutes (I stopped counting at one point). So yeah there's that if you want to do this the quick way Reset is not a quick one. Just reinstall everything from a USB including drivers. It will certainly take less.

No snapshots for both screens but there is no need as they may vary between different manufacturers. One that I can add is for the 2nd count up from a Greek installation I'm working on:



1) Cleaning Tools: Assuming that I can boot into the Operating System, the first thing that I usually do is get rid of all the unnecessary, junk files that have accumulated. I use four software “cleaners” to do this and even though it’s a bit of overkill, each program finds different files. The order of running these programs is unimportant.

A)CCleaner: I run both the file cleaner and the registry cleaner. This is a very well known program and does a good job. Beware of the “additional installs” that want to piggyback along with CCleaner. I have never had any issues with using the registry cleaner (it’s not overly aggressive).

B)PureRa: Another great small program. Cleans out some files that CCleaner doesn’t get to.

C)CleanUp: Cleans out the invisible Content.IE5 folder. I have seen it clean out as many as 6GB from this folder.

D)Revo Uninstaller: I use the free version and in the tools module there is a “junk files cleaner”. Revo gets many temp files that other cleaners miss. Along with the “junk files cleaner”, Revo is my favorite uninstaller in the whole wide software world!

Professor Randy says: Using the best tools will make all of the difference when repairing a computer. I have tested these tools time and time again where “the rubber meets the road”. Try them, you will love them!


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