Content Copyrights

Most of this site's content is copied from another source (internet, books, spoken etc.). Under each article, there should be some Citation and / or link to the original site or author. These articles' copyright is regulated by the respective owner and not by www.gvrakas.com (from now on referred to as gVrakas.com). If there is no information of the article's origins, you can still e-mail me (through the contact form on gVrakas.com) and I will verify the source of the article. For any reason, you can communicate with me. I'd be glad to help in any way I can.

Copyright Infringement

Since most of this site's content is copied, if you are the author / owner of the article and feel that is copied without permission, proper citation or altered in any way not meant by the author, contact me and I will take immediate action according to what needs to be done (take down the content completely, correct significant errors on it or give proper citation and credits to the authors).

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