Things that are added and/or changed are listed in this page.
There are some side projects that keep running in the background, not directly related to this website BUT will certainly help make it better. You can check them out here.

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- Added lots of new Articles
- Fixed the menus on the side on each Hand Picked Category
- Added All Articles in Category Module for all Hand Picked Categories
- Added a Search Function.


- Added the "Top of the page" plugin. Working smooooooooooooooothlyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
- Added the "Work in Progress page .... ooooooh yeaaaaaaaaaaah. Endless stuff in the To do list.

The beginning of time/2013

- Created basic menus structures
- Changed some template visuals (e.g. The unnecessary space in the Footer Position and the Menu Borders. Not "There" yet but pretty close. Much better.
- Added basic Articles
- Played with the Logo zoom in and out ... guess what? It worked! 
- Created a nice (IMHO) Footer, Menu and Social ... footer
- Login is now in the Main Menu position. Horray for MegaMenu Extension, T3 Framework aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand OT Themes!

To do list:

- Start shaping the News Feed.
- Add music ... somewhere
- Play with the footer a little more to fix the position spacing ... it's way to much or way to small!
- Copy all photos internally for faster and safest loading.
- Increase security.
- Check all articles for inconsistencies and tags.
- Add Multilingual Content.
- Add Images and / or logos to the sources of the articles.

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